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10 Things Every Girl Needs to Do Before EID

Updated: May 30, 2020

I wait for Eid throughout the year because on every Eid we do lots of shopping from three essential Eid dresses to matching accessories including colorful Chooria (bangles), jewelry, and shoes.

Eid shopping starts weeks before eid and then there are countless visits to tailor known as Master jee in Pakistan. The most exciting part of all these preparations for eid is making an appointment with parlor vali baji and then one last final visit on Chaand Raat to get Mehndi design on hands.

10 thongs to do before EID Day to get fully ready
EID 2020 Preprations

I still remember how we all cousins used to predict the estimated Eidi on every eid from all our relatives. I still miss those beautiful Eids that I spent in Pakistan but living miles away from Pakistan I still keep my eid spirit alive. Today I am going to share a few things that every girl needs to prepare before Eid, to look the most beautiful in the whole family.

1. Get your Dress done at least one week before

We all know to choose clothes to wear on Eid has always been a difficult option for girls. I suggest buying your dress in the first week of Ramadan and give it to your tailor on the same day so that before the third week of Ramadan your dress will be ready. If you are buying a readymade dress then select it online and buy it from the relevant shop before it gets out of stock.

You can see my list of dresses to buy on Eid 2020 from my favorite Pakistani clothes brands at reasonable prices. When you finalize the eid dress half of your stress will be over from your shoulders.

Your Eid dress should be washed and ironed at least two days before so you can focus on other things as well.

2. Select your shoes and Jewelry matching to your Dress

Hypershopping is not a good thing to do and most of us do it near Eid. Don't wait for special occasions to buy new jumkis and a pair of sandals or khussa. These are the things you can always mix and match. Select at least three pairs of jumkis and shoes that can go with your Eid dresses and put them aside.

3. Chooria (bangles) is a Must-have on EID so buy lots of glass bangles matching to your dress.

4. Get an appointment from the beauty salon a.k.a Parlor vali Baaji at least 3 days before Eid.

We all know about the hassle on beauty salons near Eid but we cannot get done our beauty treatments one week before as well. I always visit a salon in the second week of Ramadan to set three days before appointment in the early hours when she just opens the salon and fresh to perform all her expertise on me. If you are in Pakistan I would suggest you get Janssens facial as it does wonders to your skin. If you are abroad you get plenty of other options.

5. Get done your Pedicure and Manicure

Most of the girls only focus on their faces and clothes in Eid preparations and ignore their hands and feet. I always get my pedicure and manicure done once a month professionally and otherwise I do at home. It includes cleaning, shaping your nails, and treating your cuticles, regular manicures help in enhancing the growth of your fingernails as well as maintaining well-moisturized cuticles. You can do it home or get it done from the salon at your convenience. Most important, don't forget to buy matching nail color as it will enhance your personality 10 times on Eid day.

6. D.I.Y facial at home on the last day of Ramadan

we know Eid celebrations start right after the last iftar and relatives or friends start visiting to celebrate chaand rat. Therefore, its time to refresh your skin with Some D.I.Y masks and cleansers. Read my blog post about Best homemade brightening facial. You can also watch my youtube tutorial to try some homemade masks. This last day homemade facial will boost your glow and prepare your skin for the Eid day

7. Refresh your Hair color one week before Eid

I always change my Hair color on Eid as it is a perfect time of the year to change up your look. You can do a simple natural hair color to highlights or balayage and present a new you to your family. Little change in hair color is always fun and helps to make you look more trendy.

8. Choose your hairstyle for Eid day

Select your hairstyle according to your dress and eid routine. There is plenty of tutorials available for easy and quick hairstyles on Pinterest and youtube. If you are Daddy's princess and do not participate in any house chores you can curl or straight your hairs and if you are a responsible person and share the burden with your mother you can go for side braid or messy bun styles.

9. Watch Eid make up tutorials on Youtube

I believe that you can look way more beautiful in a simple dress with nicely done hair and makeup. Therefore, It is important to put some makeup on face to look more fresh and happy. You can watch my Eid 2020 makeup tutorial by Fatima on youtube or you can simply google Eid make up 2020 and you will find plenty of videos to try on this eid. Watch a few of them learn some tricks and practice on eid day.

10. Invite your friends at home get your mehndi done

Chaand Rat is the most exciting part of the whole Eid series. I always wear a beautiful dress and invite all my friends at home to have some fun, food, and mehndi. If you know how to make a design with mehndi you will be the queen of the night but if you don't know, I bet one of your friends must know how to make beautiful designs with mehndi. If you followed all these tips I am sure you will be free as a bird and ready to celebrate your eid fullest.

Now let's prepare for Eid because we have to share our after Eid stories as well.
Take care, stay safe!


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