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Updated: May 30, 2020

These are my random thoughts.

How to live and survive in the world of automated factories and artificial intelligence is the biggest question of this decade.

A fully Automated BMW Factory
A fully Automated BMW Factory

There were days when basic item providers were richest in the community. In the days of a barter system, when food was scarce, people used to work for the person who had more food and bread to share. Then came the industrial revolution, food became abundant, and people started working for extra luxury.

After the industrial revolution industrialists became the richest. During that period, the factory owners provided the highest wages, and people tend to work for them. A huge population moved to cities and started working in the industry. Then came the financial and services industry and again riches shifted from mill owners to bank owners.

Still, the industry is working at large, employing a huge number of the population. However, things are getting to change after automation and revolution in artificial intelligence. It is estimated that in the next 10 years automation will replace half of the industrial workers. Now, there is a question, how will the population earn and meet their needs in the said scenario?

Today, we will discuss how to get ready for the world of automation. There are still several sectors that will need a human workforce. But we will not discuss about them. We will discuss how to get our next generation ready for a new kind of world. Where 90% of the work is automated and there are no jobs in the industry, agriculture, or service sector.

For this purpose, let's imagine a world where everything is automated. Imagine there is no work for you, what kind of work do you think you will be able to get yourself a proper food, shelter, and security? For brainstorming, you can watch the episode “Fifteen Million Merits” of black mirror. You can get an idea of a world I am talking about.

Here, I assume that you have a few ideas about how to survive in the given scenario. Most of you might be thinking about living off the grid. I agree with you, living off the grid might be a good idea to get rid of the corporate control. But, for the sake of learning, let's discuss how we can survive in this post automation world on the grid. So, imagine there are no jobs, the industry is automated, a lot of things are being created in automated factories.

But if there are no jobs then who will buy those products? Black mirror’s episode “Fifteen Million Merits” got the answer to that question. Corporates will never give you anything free, so, they will control you in exchange for their products and services. They will never give you enough so that you always remain under their control. Yes, in that world they will give an opportunity to a small percentage of the population to get something extra to keep other population motivated. Now, we discuss what kind of opportunities will be there that someone can utilize.

We can see a glimpse of the post automation world today. Think about the bloggers, YouTubers and artists, how they create money? A few of them get direct money from the buyers who consume their content. But a huge number of them got sponsors, or they earn from advertising the products of corporations.

Now you see where I am going, corporations are giving money to these content creators. This money goes into the economy and they make sure with the advertisements that this money returns to them. Instead of spending trillion dollars on the advertisements, they could sell their products cheaper without spending so much on their marketing budget.

But they want to control the population, so they spend five times on advertisement than production. Because the amount spent on advertisements comes directly back to their pockets with extra money. So, some of the content creators become rich because of this advertising, and other people think that there is a chance they can become rich as well. This strategy keeps the population in control.

In the end, I can say that either go off-grid in the post automation world or use the corporation’s marketing budget to become rich.

Following is the list of 7 sectors that will be relevant and you will have the chance to become rich in the post automation world.

1- Actors

2- Writers

3- Comedian

4- Makeup Artist

5- Blogger

6- Musician

7- Influencer

I could not think of a long list. I think I will be cycling in a cube, like “Fifteen Million Merits”.

But I wish to go off-grid. I just have to learn hunting and gathering. 😉

Tell me your ideas, how you will earn in such a world?

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