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What is The Hype About Vitamin C? Why does Skin Need Vitamin C, Does It Help With Skin Problems?

Updated: May 30, 2020

Vitamin C serum is a new trend in a skincare routine started in 2019. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient in the human diet. Thinking about vitamin C only reminds us about oranges and their properties to improve the immune system and cold. what if I tell you that it is also essential for smooth glowing skin. Skincare industries obsession with vitamin C has dramatically increased in recent years.

vitamin c serum and its benefits by fatima the ordinary style
Vitamin C Serum
What is vitamin C Serum and its main source

Vitamin C itself is an antioxidant and skincare product packed with it called vitamin C serum, however, vitamin c products range is not only limited to serum, but you can also find vitamin c cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs and face masks labeling as brightening, even tone, and collagen-boosting. you can easily find them every whare from Sephora to a drug store in your street. The active ingredient in almost all vitamin c products and supplements is ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C benefits for skin

Vitamin C protects the skin from sun damage by reversing the effect of UV lights and free radicals however it could not replace sunblock but it saves skin from sunburn if used with the SPF.

Vitamin C is the first thing recommended to anyone suffering from hyperpigmentation. Persistent use of vitamin C showed a visible difference in skin pigmentation. It slows down the production of melanin which is responsible for dark skin. Thus it stimulates skin brightening and gives even tone skin.

Vitamin C also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles thus it helps to reverse premature aging by giving a boost to collagen production. Collagen is a protein that gives elasticity to skin A research done on vitamin c showed that people who used 5% vitamin c serum for 6 months on their skin developed a thick layer of skin cells. thicker skin is less likely to show fine lines than thin skin

What is the right concentration of using vitamin C

Skin specialist suggests that people who have dray and sensitive skin include vitamin c in lower concentration at the beginning such as 5% and who have oily skin and suffering from strong pigmentation can use higher concentrations. In general, vitamin c products range from 5% up to 30%. However, the effects of vitamin c concentration become constant after 20% so dermatologist suggests not to go higher than that.

What is the right skin care routine for using vitamin C

Mostly dermatologist suggests using vitamin c in the morning as it helps to reverse the effect of UV rays.

apply vitamin products with SPF before going out in the morning but wait for a while till it fully absorbs before stepping out. Certainly,

it does not mean that you cannot apply them at night but you will get more benefits if used in the morning.

Further, apply your vitamin c serum on a freshly cleansed face before applying your moisturizer.your skin might take some time to build twice daily tolerance so it is recommended to use only three drops every other day in the beginning.

How long is vitamin C serum good for?

Typically vitamin c self-life is 4 months and it gets decreased if open daily and exposed to air. Vitamin c is sensitive to light to and air. Therefore, it is suggested to store it in airtight dark bottles to prevent it from getting oxidized.

Keep note that vitamin C serum should be colorless and it turns yellow and brown when oxidized. Dermatologists forbid from using the oxidized serum as it loses its properties and doesn't do much for your skin so it is better to toss it.

What are the possible side effects of vitamin C, and precautions you need to consider while using vitamin c serum?

People with sensitive and problematic skin might feel some itching and redness or irritation. Consult the doctor if your face became red after using vitamin c serum. It is suggested to always start the vitamin c serum with low concentration and gradually increase it. However, feeling a burning sensation and tingling for a while after applying vitamin c is normal. A patch test is always recommended before using any products.

It is very important to note that vitamin C should not be used with certain products

such as benzoyl peroxide, retinol, AHA and BHA, and niacinamide. It is advisable to use vitamin C in the morning and other products at night skincare routine.

Best Vitamin C serum for skin avialble in Market.

Currently, almost all skincare brands have their vitamin c serums. here is the list of my favorite Vitamin C serums.

The best vitamin C serums for oily skin and Hyperpigmentation can be found in a drugstore. There are a few Korean vitamin c serum in the list as well. Click on the name to buy your fa

  1. Tatcha Violet-C Brightening Serum 20% Vitamin C + 10% AHA

  2. Olehenriksen Truth Serum

  3. Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum

  4. Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum

  5. Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate 12.5% Vitamin C

  6. CeraVe Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

  7. Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C

  8. Tiam My Signature Red Vitamin C Serum

  9. The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension

  10. Truskin Vitamen C Serum

  11. Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

I did a video on Vitamin C serum, You can find it on my YouTube Channel.

Try any of the above-mentioned serum and share the results in the comments section. Feel free to ask any questions about skincare and skin health. Also, try my homemade herbal facial and share the results as well.

Use the comment section if you need to ask anything about vitamin c serum usage, benefits and it's reaction to sensitive skin.

Your input is also recommended.


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