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Get to Know Fatima the ordinary style girl

Updated: May 9, 2020

Hi, I’m Fatima (its_fama). Born in Pakistan, raised in Pakistan. I currently live in Malaysia with the love of my life, Rashid (My husband who provides me immense support and motivation to start this blog). In the world full of responsibilities and forced choices "The Ordinary Style Blog" is one of the things that I followed through my heart and I want to do wholeheartedly.

I took a hard decision in my life of studying abroad and came to Malaysia years ago. While I completed my education and worked towards my goals, I lost a part of myself somewhere in the journey, so this blog is little effort to reconnect to that part. It’s where I write what I’d text my best friend about. New lip color that I bought last week, skincare hack that worked for me, the perfect black maxi that I didn’t buy and now praying for the stock to last till I visit that store again, new picture frames and wooden stash that I bought for one of the nude walls in my house, recipes of easy snacks to cook at home, realizations, dreams, failures, achievements, fears, birthdays, anniversaries, random nothings and lazy evenings.

I always demand more from myself but as I grew older and experiencing more life. I am learning to be content with life by loving and forgiving ourselves. Realizing that one cannot be perfect in everything there will always someone ahead of you in something. Now I am turning myself into more ordinary living beings by appreciating slow living and single-tasking. Perfectly done things are great but not my aspiration. I love basic and simple.

I feel blessed when I eat bellyful. I count everything as a blessing from my husband, my family, friends, a comfortable bed, a glass of water, the sky, the trees. I love it all. I don’t like spending too much on material items but I love shopping. I am just being. I prefer a low budget with good quality, I still believe a few drug store products are far better than high-end brands. You won’t find me bragging about things that I actually don’t like or the most hyped one. But I also don’t like subscribing to conservative versions. If something worth it, I’ll spend recklessly on it

As we know life is full of good and bad moments. Events or moments could be different from each other but all of us experience almost similar feelings and emotions. Moving into a new home, a career milestone, failure of a dream, unexpected results, having baby, all kinds of relationships in life, passing difficult interviews – but as life goes on, we learn new things. Here I will share life learned lessons to doing little things in every-day life and would love to listen, your life stories, and lessons. Maybe, I’ll get my dream job or burn chapatis in the kitchen, and you travel more and have more kids. No matter where you are in life, no matter where I am in life. I want us to be more long-term than some situational relatability, you know as a good human.

I love playing with colors from lipsticks and colorful mascaras to water paints. And kind people whose presence makes our life colorful. There’s no space for hate here. If you don’t match my color, the internet is your rainbow, indulge yourself in another color.

Everyday life is hectic. We all need to unhook from different things. Taking a break from that terrible boss, never finishing house chores, that long queue at a grocery store or toddler tantrums, and even if its only thoughts in your mind. Please come as you take five minutes to hang with me to talk about the new arrival of a clothing line, makeup hack that worked for me, my next skincare list to buy and some days it would be sharing a past experience that I move on recently and fear that I overcome with will power. On The Ordinary Style Blog, we’ll have multiple cups of coffee together, When you’re high on caffeine, you say “why not?” to literally anything! while I’ll pretend to talk lifestyle and you’ll pretend to listen. It’s going to be incredible.

Thanks for coming today and (almost?) every day.

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