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Freeman 5 Best Face Masks 2020

Freeman was the only brand, I was allowed to use on my acne-prone teen skin. I still remember the excitement of buying my own face mask for the first time in life and It was Freeman Detoxifying charcoal +Black sugar Mud mask. It was suggested by my mother's friend who runs a beauty salon in Pakistan. 10 years later it is still standing on my skincare stash and going strong in the year 2020. Today I will review 5 best face masks by freeman which are helping me to keep my skin sane in quarantine time when we are not allowed to see any skincare studio or dermatologist.

1. Freeman Detoxifying charcoal +Black sugar Mud mask

I will start with my years-old holy grail which is a mud mask and contains two main ingredients which are charcoal and black sugar. As we all know charcoal has amazing detoxifying properties that help to deep clean skin and pores and black sugar holds lots of moisture for our skin which is important to keep skin shine-free. I control my teen break out with the help of this mask and now in my late twenties, This mask helps me to keep the sebum away and provides a visible difference in my pore size.

I use this mask once in a week because I have acne-free skin now but in my teen years with a face full of breakouts I use it on alternate days and it helps to overnight dry fresh break out. As an adult and skincare lover, I know the value of skincare and invest a lot on face masks. Trust me this is the only face mask to date that helps me to reduce the appearance of pores. You can use it as an ointment to heal your acne problems and pores on the face. I use it on my face before going to special events to get celebrity smooth skin and that leaves people in awe wondering about how I get a baby doll-like smooth skin. I am sharing my secret with you guys and that is this wonderful mask by freeman.

Freeman Detoxifying charcoal +Black sugar Mud mask

This is how it looks like when you apply it on the skin. You need to apply it on a clean face for 10-15 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water. It firmly sticks to your skin so I suggest to use small wet face towel to rub it off from face as it will also keep you safe from the mess that it can cause on your white sink due to its black color.

Freeman Detoxifying charcoal +Black sugar Mud mask

2. POLISHING charcoal + black sugar GEL MASK + SCRUB

This is another favorite mask by freeman that I buy accidentally but fell in love after one application. let me tell you something interesting that I am wearing it right now while writing this blog post. Lols..

Actually I ask one of my friends to buy a charcol+black sugar mask by freeman as she was going to the market as I keep restocking the detoxifying charcol+black sugar mask that I discussed earlier. But instead of that, she brought me a polishing mask with the same ingredients. Left with no choice I start using it as I never doubt freeman.

This a gel mask that contains charcoal and black sugar granules. Behind the tube, it is mentioned to apply it on the face for 7- 10 minutes and then scrubs it off with water. I did the same and after removing the mask I felt that my skin tone has become lighter and face was glowing like I went to the spa and get a 1-hour massage. My skin was super soft and clean with shrunk pores. I was not expecting a change in pores as it was not a mud mask not peel off. It is a thick honey-like mixture of charcoal and black sugar.

POLISHING charcoal + black sugar GEL MASK + SCRUB

After seeing these results. I put this beside my bathtub where I keep the special items that I intend to use regularly. I use this mask every time I take a shower, I apply it on my face when I deep condition my hair that I do twice a week. I am already one tube down and plan to buy it again. If you are looking for a natural glow this mask is a heaven's gift for you.

POLISHING charcoal + black sugar GEL MASK + SCRUB

3. DEEP CLEARING manuka honey + tea tree oil CLAY MASK + CLEANSER

This mask is a savior of skin in exam days in school, tough days in office, and busy momma days at home. When our skin is breaking out of stress and we got no time for skincare. No worries, Buy this one mask and it will do all the skincare you need on a daily or weekly base. This mask performs dual action as it claims itself as mask + cleanser containing honey and tea tree oil both ingredients have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties, Meanwhile Honey adds extra moisture as well.

DEEP CLEARING manuka honey + tea tree oil CLAY MASK + CLEANSER

Now I will share how I use this mask. I keep this mask behind my washroom mirror where I put my daily face wash and cleansers as I consider it cleanser more than a face wash. I apply it on my face for 5 minutes only while I brush my teeth and then massage it onto my skin with water for 2 minutes like we use regular cleansers and then wash it with cool water. Normally I use it during busy days or when I don't have the energy to do the long deep cleansing which I mostly don't have .. hehe

DEEP CLEARING manuka honey + tea tree oil CLAY MASK + CLEANSER

It gives me the same result that I get after doing 20 minutes long cleansing on my face with cleansing milk which quite amazing and convenient for me. It also helps to soothe blemishes and protruding acne during monthly hormonal change. If you are a lazy ass person like me who also want good skin as well. This mask is made for you. High Five

4. CLEARING sweet tea + lemon PEEL-OFF CLAY MASK

This is the only peeling mask in this freeman collection. It comes out thick like toothpaste and you also need to apply a heavy layer of it on your face. leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and feel sweet tea sensation working on your skin. The combination of sweet tea and lemon is amazing and known from years to deep clean pores and skin from inside out.


Don't worry if you feel that your skin is emitting heat after applying this mask. The antioxidants present in tea are removing free radicles from your skin to remove impurities.


Surprisingly this mask also helps to remove blackheads and whiteheads which freeman do not claim behind the tube so it is an extra advantage of it. It is very easy to peel off and you can see all the blackheads stick with the peeling mask. Moreover, it will not leave your skin dry your skin like the famous charcoal peeling masks. It instantly provides moisture, clean pores, and radiant glow. This is one of the reasons why I am a loyal customer of freeman from the past ten years because they always provide more than they claim. This mask is best for you if you have problematic skin with loads of blackheads.


This mask has an amazing fragrance and glitters in it to give you the royal feelings of using a diamond mask. This mask is 2 in 1 product which consists of mask +scrub as mentioned in the name. It has small grains in it which helps to exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells. Antioxidants of sparkleberry remove dullness and give a day lasting glow.


Now I will share how I use this mask and get the most benefit out of it. I apply this mask on a clean face and leave it on for 7 to 10 minutes. After that, I start massaging with damp hands and keep adding water into it for a good 4 to 5 minutes to scrub off the dead skin cells and wash it with fresh cool water.


This mask instantly makes my skin smooth and clean without making it itchy or irritated. Because the exfoliating granules are very small and hardly visible. Sparkleberry smell is so refreshing and gives a cooling effect so it is best to use it in summer times.

The only drawback in this mask is the glitters which I believe are not environment friendly. If I know this before buying it I would have preferred some other mask of the freeman.

I hope my honest review of these five masks would be help full for you guys. If you still have some questions don't hesitate to leave comments.

See you in the next post till then stay safe.



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