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I Tried The Tiktok Foundation Hack and This is My Honest Review

Updated: May 30, 2020

During this lockdown, most of us spend time on TikTok application as this is one of the leading mobile apps that makes people crazy with its every day new trends, challenges, and hacks. If you are a TikTok user I can bet that you must have seen viral TikTok foundation hack. In case you managed to escape through it on TikTok then you must come across through Instagram and youtube. Beauty lovers around the world have been left in awe from this simple foundation trick that leaves you with a flawless foundation for hours.

This TikTok hack is first thought to have first come from a user Jarida (@ridaaaamat) in a video on February 29th it has now more than 3.7 million views and replicated up to 6000 times by different users.

She mentioned in her video Watch it, its gonna change your whole makeup routine. I attached a screenshot of Jarida below from the same TikTok video.

TikTok Foundation Hack
TikTok Foundation Hack

This makeup hack is a bit opposite to the traditional makeup steps as she suggests applying translucent powder and setting spray before applying the foundation that normally used at the end.

The right order according to TikTok is “ apply moisturizing, then some translucent powder, not too much. Then, apply the setting spray. After the setting spray, put on your primer and the final step is applying your foundation.

After going through all this hype I thought to give it a try as people were flaunting flawless matte filtered foundation on TikTok. I will explain each step in detail so let's start

Step 1: Moisturiser

According to Tiktok foundation hack first step is applying moisturizer on your skin and let it absorb into the skin. I used Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer that I normally use before every makeup look. I didn't take special pictures with products so here are screenshots from my youtube video,

Step 1 of TikTok Foundation Hack
Step 1: Moisturiser

Step 2: Apply translucent powder

The second step is applying a thin layer of translucent powder on your face. Don't make it that you took a dip in the flour bag.

I would say this is the most important and different step of this entire hack. Normally we use translucent powder after applying the foundation to seal the fine lines and pores. I used a translucent powder from flormar.

Step 2: Apply translucent powder for tiktok foundation hack
Step 2: Apply translucent powder

Step 3: Apply setting spray

The third step is applying a setting spray over the thin layer of translucent powder to lock it into the skin. I used Mac Prep +Prime FIX + as most of the beauty gurus swear by it. Wait for a few minutes after applying the setting spray before you proceed with the next step.

Step 3: Apply setting spray of tiktok foundation hack
Step 3: Apply setting spray

Step 4: Apply Primer

Primer is the most important product that we normally use in our everyday makeup routine to vanish all the pores and fine lines as it helps to smooth the skin texture.

In this foundation hack, we also going to apply on our face before applying foundation as we usually do. I applied E.l.F cosmetics mineral infused primer as it is one of my favorite and most budget-friendly primer that works wonder and keep my skin matte for many hours.

Step 4 of tiktok foundation hack
Step 4: Apply Primer

Step 5: Apply Foundation

After completing all the steps if you make it to this point. Relax! this is the last step in this foundation hack.

Apply your favorite foundation on your face and blend it well with the tool of your choice beauty blender or brush. I used Born this way foundation from too faced with a beauty blender from real techniques. Tiktok foundation hack is complete here but I did something extra to keep it for longer hours. keep reading if you want to know my addition to it.

Step 5 of tiktok foundation hack
Step 5: Apply Foundation

After applying the foundation. I set it again with the translucent powder as it will help to keep away the fine lines.

Next, I used only a lip tint from the body shop name as bright peony number 026 as a blush on my cheeks and nose. I used the same tint on my lips. I added Highlighter from Tarte cosmetics Pro glow to go palette on the top of my cheeks and nose to get the natural glow.

I finished the whole look by applying Mac setting spray on my face to set the whole thing.

Here is MY final look

These are few pics after completing the TikTok foundation Hack. The result was actually pretty impressive and stayed on my face for longer times. But I won't say that it gave me that filtered barbie doll skin with zero visible pores as it look in TikTok videos that everybody raves about.

I would like to keep it closer to reality so I would keep your expectations little bit low as you can also see the texture on my face. It did help to smooth skin with less visible pores and make my foundation stay a few more hours then it normally does. If you don't like applying layers on your face and avoid full coverage foundation then it is not for you as it will give you layered texture skin with 8 layers of powder, setting spray and foundation in unique order but applying all of these products, your foundation will stay in place for longer and give you spot-free skin. 

I won't use this hack in my everyday makeup routine because I don't like full coverage in the daytime. But I’ll have to try it again on my first night after lockdown open and we will be back in our normal routine.

Watch the video below for better understanding.

Use the comment section for your reviews and suggestions.

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